Show Your CEO That Content Marketing Boosts Revenue

Imagine pitching your Content Hub concept to the C-suite, where your next performance review or bonus may well be based on how you move the company’s revenue needle.  Two truths should inform your pitch: 

1) The C-suite is not looking for ways to spend (more) money. 
2) The C-suite is looking for ways to make (more!) money.

This handy tool will empower you to demonstrate #2.
Download Your ROI Calculator now!
Content Strategy ROI Calculator

1) Define Your Campaign

The first thing you need to do is define the activities in your Content Hub campaign. You will input all the tactics you need to do to implement your strategy, when you will do them and how much they cost.

2) Input Your Funnel Stats

Use historical or anticipated traffic-to-leads-to-opportunities-to-sales metrics to calculate unit sales and revenue you might expect from your efforts. 

3) Calculate Your ROI

Not much to do here. The spreadsheet does it all for you! You will be able to see the expected return using three measures: a) ROI, b) Expense-to-Revenue and c) Marketing Multiplier.

now you're ready!
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What Our Customers Say

“It’s not often that such a big idea, not to mention how to successfully implement that idea, can be found in such a short book. But Keith Reynolds has done it.”

Bryan Mattimore
Author of: 21 Days to a Big Idea
Just finished your book. Well presented, clarity of vision, positive action - nicely done!
Dan Chichester
Writer | Strategist | Creative Consultant
Ogilvy Health
Chief Experience Officer

"There an incredible value in the material. While I learned many of the marketing principles brought up in your book in school, there was no clear instruction in our curriculum on how to develop a strategy around them. What your book provides is a straight forward framework that removes the ambiguity in developing a scalable content strategy. Better yet, you managed to fit it in a hundred pages."

Gabriel Ortiz
Digital Media Producer

“Keith’s Content Hub strategy is a refreshing perspective for today’s business leaders. I especially appreciate the way he organizes the strategies and approaches in his book. Keith’s thought leadership is leading the way for content marketing!”

Sandra Long
Author of: LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide
"Effective marketing isn't about yelling 'buy my stuff' louder or more often than your competitors. Effective marketing is about sharing brand value with prospects and customers as a thought leader and by driving expectations and outcomes better than your competitors. Think Like a Publisher brilliantly focuses on ways that ANY sized business can use digital publishing channels to effectively create and drive engaging and significant marketing conversations that help them stand out as brand and industry leaders.”
Rob “Spider" Graham
Salesforce Senior Applications Trainer - Marketing Cloud
"Think like a Publisher works! I personally recommend this to any business that wants to stay in business."
Sam R. Goldstein
Award-Winning Creative Director - Writer - Marketer
thePOWERco./ Sacred Heart University / Marketing Lecturer
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